Kapil Painter M.D.

Dr. Kapil Painter M.D. Headshot

Kapil Painter M.D.


Dr. Kapil Painter M.D. Headshot

Kapil Painter M.D.

Dr. Kapil Painter M.D.

What is your hometown?

Orlando, Florida.


Where did you attend medical school?

MGM Medical College.


What are your particular clinical interests and why?

I would like to do individualized primary care with a focus on Sports Medicine and procedures.

I believe individualized care is what is missing in our society and if I can impact the way people view their health and explain to them the way their body and mental state function together they can make better life choices.

Sports injuries are something that I have struggled with personally and feel like I can help people avoid and care for such injuries in an effective manner.


Why did you choose Family Medicine?

I chose Family Medicine because you can care for and treat many different population groups. I would hate to turn away a patient just because of their age or sex and therefore I feel like Family Medicine is the best fit for me.


Why did you choose the Community Based Family Medicine Residency program?

I chose this program because of the way the continuity clinic is setup for lower income households and because of the welcoming atmosphere I experienced during my interview.


What are your hobbies and interests outside of medicine?

I enjoy working out regularly, playing with my dogs and going to car/motorcycle meets